Face Life
A 2-minute survey can help to save millions of lives during pandemics.
'Face Life' is an anonymous survey application to identify healthy lifestyle options taken by millions of people during this pandemic. Depends on location and culture, a lot of lifestyle choices help to improve the immune system and good mental health. Today in the middle of the crisis, most people are doing their best to keep healthy and safe, and researchers around the world would like to know about it. Anyone can participate in a 2-minute survey, and advance analytics can help researchers to identify and verify the best practices. These best practices will be notified to individuals and communities. You may be able to earn social points and gift cards from local corporates as a thanks for your participation. You can help to save the lives of millions.
Let's come together
Pandemics are difficult times and we can come together to do our part to help. If you are representing a corporate, medical research institute, please contact us for collaboration opportunities. This is an open-source project and if you would like to participate then let us know.